the dotasia-complot

April 4th 2008: Our provider informs dotasia

To: p a v a n @ r e g i s t r y . a s i a

Date: 03.04.2008, 16:07:05

Subject: Urgent: Manipulating auctions by pool

Dear Mr. Pavan Budhrani,

we contact you as the responsible person for press-relations.

We are a german based provider and registrar, ..........

We contact you, because there is a complot in .asia-sunrise-auctions, where your auctioneer is involved. We want to give you the chance to give a statement to this, before we inform the international press and the public with thiese facts. If we do so, the facts would damage the image and integrity of dotasia and the .asia TLD as well.

We have some customers with sunrise-auctions in dotasia. We found, that the irish company Drake Limited was in a lot of of the auctions of our customers too. After seeing this, we start an investigation at our own. After we made some enquiries in the internet, we found out, that there are a lot of relationships between your auctioneer and Drake Limited. And yes, we have evidences for this accusation in written form, too.

As a provider of our customers we tried to get in phone-contact with Drake Limited: We wanted to know, what they have to say about their relationsship to the auctioneer if they would be confrontated with this fact.

But the only result was: Drake contacted our customers to ask them, if they know us. What in fact of course is right, because they are our customers. Our brave customers did not check the whole situation. After this, our customers got won-messages, in the meantime pool claimed that these messages was misstakes and the auctions were cancelated.

Our customers tried to get support from pool as dotasia as well, pool reacted snippy and refer to Of course, our customers will never get reasonable support from pool in this case, because pool have no interest in this case to help - they react biased for there own front-company drake. And from there is not coming any response too. More than a week elapsed without any reactions ! Perhaps is flooeded - or it is a very oddly accident... we do not know.

Can it be right, that your auctioneer manipulate the whole process and dropped out our customers? Using a front-company Drake Venture, founded not to be appear themself? Since 2 years, we already keep track of Drake Venture in a lot of .eu-auctions as well for your interest - their registrar was (what a surprise) one of the multiple created front-registrars from momentous (as you know the owner of too).

We see there is more then a big interest conflict, we now are very curious about a statement from dotasia, before we perhaps inform the public with this story.

And we suggest, that all running auctions with Drake Venture involved, should be stopped immediately to avoid damage to other customers of .asia. We did not try to get any new contact to pool or drake venture again - after we saw how they react and they used there insider position and power. As a last chance, now we contact you.

Also we want to know, when our customers will get any support in this case from you as the registry. Again: Mails are unacknowledged and unanswered now for more than one week !

Please confirm that you received this mail.

Thank you very much.