the dotasia-complot

April 16th 2008: Our provider wants to know details about the separated auction platform

To: Edmon Chung <e d m o n @ d o t a s i a . o r g>

Date: 16.04.2008, 15:04:10

Subject: RE: Urgent: Manipulating auctions by pool

Dear Edmon,

thank you for your letter. That you as the CEO of dotasia engage in this matter, shows that dotasia is keeping the right attention and priority to this complot. Thank you for doing so. Of course we are interested to see our customers back into the auctions and your suggestion points into the right direction. But we want to underline, that this is the legal right of our customers, it is not part of any agreement.

In your letter you spoke about the idea of a separate and new auction-plattform and you want to restart auctions of our customers:

a) Can you please give more information about this planned new auction-plattform at this time ? How should it be handled ?

b) Will the new plattform be independend from pool and momentous or other auction-participants ? How this will be secured ?

In your letter you also said, that you have had the chance to communicate with pool, but we do not see any serious reaction or a clear statement from dotasia. As dotasia write in your own advisory on Tampering of Auctions: "bid rigging is a criminal offence in the jurisdiction of the premises for which the .ASIA Sunrise and Landrush auctions are held, and can result in fines and/or imprisonment.". We agree, but this has to be guilty also for the criminal relationship between auctioneer and one of the auction-members. And as written before: Restarting the auctions is our customers legal right, not part of an agreement between us. We have delivered unchallengeable evidences to you about the relationship between Drake and Pool. And therefore it cannot be, that Drake Ventures Limited will participate in these restarting auctions again.

Don t you think, that the community and especially the registrants and auction-members of .asia-domains has the right to know about this criminal relationship? Usually dotasia should have been focused to the interests of their customers, but sorry, we do not received this impression in view of your noncommittal mail.

We are thinking what to do, but we are openminded for your suggestions.

Seeing forward to hear from you,

regards from germany.