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some questions to mr. schreier

see the questions and make your own decision about the statement of Richard Schreier.

Richard Schreier responded to the reproaches (and here, too): "Richard Schreier nor do not have any ownership interest in Drake Domains Corporation, Drake Ventures Limited or Throne Ventures Pty. Ltd. The materials on the Website that state otherwise are factually incorrect."

In my view, that is not correct, there are some questions about:

Richard Schreier responded to the reproaches: "a retaliation by Reucker/Madunia as a result of their exclusion from certain DotAsia auctions ..... This exclusion was the result of the investigation by and the DotAsia Organisation into possible bid rigging"

By the way: Nice comment from Mike to the statement of Richard Schreier at DomainNameNews: "If there is no relationship between Pool and Drake Ventures, how can Schreir reveal supposedly confidential client information that Drake lost 18 auctions?"