the dotasia-complot


history of email communication with dotasia

  1. April 4th 2008: Our provider informs dotasia
  2. April 7th 2008: Answer from dotasia, Leona Chen
  3. April 8th 2008: Our provider confirms answer and announces a detailed report
  4. April 11th 2008: Our provider sends the detailed report to dotasia
  5. April 12th 2008: Answer from Leona Chen, dotasia
  6. April 15th 2008: Answer from Edmon Cung, CEO of dotasia
  7. April 16th 2008: Our provider wants to know details about the separated auction platform
  8. April 22th 2008: Answer from CEO of dotasia, Edmon Cung
  9. May 5th 2008: dotasia was informed, that Throne Ventures Pty Ltd. is involved in the complot, too
  10. May 9th 2008: I notified dotasia CEO Edmon Chung and CEO Richard Schreier about publishing this website and asked them for a statement
  11. June 26th 2008: Mail from Dotasia to our provider: They want to restart the cancelled auctions.
  12. June 27th 2008: Answer from our provider to dotasia: No restart with pool-related companies
  13. July 2nd 2008: Answer from Edmon Chung - Dotasia
  14. July 5th 2008: My mail to dotasia: No auction-restart with Drake
  15. July 7th 2008: Mail from my Provider to dotasia: Unfair advantages of pool-related bidders
  16. July 7th,2008: Answers from Edmon Chung - Dotasia